Quality care & after-SALE-SERVICE

Customer Service

Delivering a high-quality product is just one component in building a long-term relationship. FILAMATIC endeavors to provide you a personalized service and support that is world-class.

FILAMATIC offers you a number of service options that add value before a single one of your containers are filled. The selection and subsequent design and manufacture of a machine or system can be a complex process. FILAMATIC makes the process simple – whether it’s assessing your current business needs, preparing your site, ramping up production, or system training – we can offer you and your team assistance.

Machine maintenance & Service visits

Technical Service

At FILAMATIC, we set ourselves apart from the rest of the industry by offering a full range of aftermarket parts and field service support based in the USA. Our team of qualified, experienced technicians are just a call away – providing an extensive after-sales network for your business. Additionally, our technicians can come to your site for more than just troubleshooting, they can assist or perform maintenance, repair, conversions, and upgrades. Their insight can be used to enhance the uptime of your filling machines, oversee production of a troublesome product, and assist in qualification testing at your site as well.

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