Competitiveness Bill and Cannabis Banking

Competitiveness Bill and Cannabis Banking

Competitiveness Bill and Cannabis Banking

At the beginning of 2022, The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that enables banks to serve cannabis businesses. [Note: the bill has not yet passed Congress.]


SAFE Cannabis Banking Explained

“SAFE Banking would give banks and other financial institutions a “safe harbor” for serving state-legal marijuana businesses.” Companies in a variety of states, where marijuana is legal, have continued to have issues setting up checking accounts, credit cards, and payroll services. And as a result, most then complete their business transactions using cash. This just increases the criminal and negative attitude many still have toward these companies.


April Bill Passed

The House passed a cannabis banking reform bill in April 2021, noting that this will be “the first major piece of marijuana legislation to be approved by the new Democratic-controlled Congress.”


What Comes Next

Given that seven of ten Americans believe marijuana should be legalized, there seems to be continued hesitation and opposition.”

Source- MJBiz Daily


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