Thinking about Psilocybin- the Mushroom Market?

Thinking about Psilocybin- the Mushroom Market?

Thinking about Psilocybin- the Mushroom Market?

Are Psychedelics gaining interest? Following the cannabis trends, quality products are expanding their reach into the cannabis market. Psilocybin, the main ingredient, can stimulate activity in the brain. Companies from the Bioscience, Pharmaceutical, and Cannabis industries are becoming more interested in focusing or shifting to psychedelics. Although the creators are in the same industries, using psilocybin is massively different than cannabis-created products.psilocybin effects the body but helps depression and anxiety

“The global psychedelic therapeutic market, … is estimated to reach $6.8 billion in value by 2027”. 

Moving to Psilocybin

Psilocybin is classified as a Schedule 1 drug. Some states and entities (Oregon, Denver, and Canada) are working to legalize its use under doctor supervision. Potentially, in the future, it will be available recreationally.

Marijuana manufacturers already having security and licensing are in the lead to then be licensed in psilocybin production. Manufacturers in Canada and United States say compliance standards are similar to cannabis research. However, it remains illegal and so establishing legal compliance is important no matter your location.


ChallengesPsilocybin- Chemical Properties

“Psilocybin and cannabis are polar opposites.” Because the two are different, it creates challenges in what equipment is used during extraction. “Moss says that because cannabinoids are nonpolar molecules, typically extracted through CO2, hydrocarbon, butane or ethanol, that equipment wouldn’t suffice to extract a polar molecule such as psilocybin”

” “Some cannabis extraction technologies are more versatile than others,” Moss said, “but these psychedelic compounds are of completely different chemistry.” ”

Source- MJBiz Daily- Newsletter

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