What About A Cannabis Union?

What About A Cannabis Union?

What About A Cannabis Union?

In Connecticut, the industry does not have employees yet. However, “The Department of Consumer Protection and the Social Equity Council are gathering applications from residents interested in growing, selling and transporting the product.”

A Cannabis Union ie. United Food & Commercial Workers

The United Food union wishes for its “workers to achieve some of the standards and benefits that usually only a collective bargaining agreement can produce.”

The union would provide a training program for those interested in the company. The programs ensure living wages.

National Cannabis Union

Along with Connecticut, there are other states that are supporting cannabis employees.”The labor peace agreement means employers would give the union access to come in and talk to the employees about organizing.” “In California and Washington, … the workers are represented by this very same union.” A designated cannabis union can help new businesses beginning in Connecticut and other states.

Source: CT News Junkie

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